Don’t forget you were once a little girl with big dreams…

There is a little girl inside you. 

Do you remember her? 

The young, beautiful and innocent you. 

Would you speak so harshly to that little girl?

Would you tear her down?

Criticise her and push her to her limits? 

You are still that little girl…

A little girl who requires your love, devotion and care. 

She is full of hopes and dreams and believes anything is possible. 

Would you ever want to take that away from her? 

Would you ever want to stand in the way of her reaching her greatest potential? 

Would you ever tell her she is not beautiful or that she does not possess so many rare and unique qualities? 

Would you ever stop her from expressing herself freely as she chooses?

The answer is NO. 

You would never want to not give that little girl everything she has ever wanted.

You would instead want to give her the world. ?

As you get older you sometimes lose sight of this innocence. You forget that you were once a little girl with big hopes and dreams. That you used to laugh and play and have the freedom to be anything you wanted. You didn’t have the pressure that comes with growing up. You didn’t have the struggle to find your place and harmony with the world. You had less insecurity, more self acceptance and were just doing the simple things that filled your cup with joy.

There is no coincidence that these things you instinctively loved to do as a child are a sign and a resemblance of who you are destined to become. Try not to forget this message from your younger self, reminding you of your soul’s true destiny in life. Some of those things you loved to do all those years ago, may be the very things that still light you up today.

As a little girl you would live each day so purposefully and authentically. You can learn so much from this. In your loss of direction and self-worth, you have struggled to let your true inner being shine. You worry about how you look, what you do for work and what other people might think of you? You are constantly chasing perfectionism like your life depended on it. You bury yourself in shame and despair for not living up to your own expectations. You have become your own worst enemy. How did that fun loving little girl become so fearful of life?

This is your time to reconnect with her and remember who she was. It was so natural for you to be living in authenticity and freedom back then. This means you possess these wonderful qualities and they belong to you! You cannot take away something that is already yours.

Take the time to watch the children around you. Let them teach you how to love yourself more, how to laugh and play. Watch their eyes light up when they draw and dress up. Recreate this childlike energy that is so rare and beautiful. Your life should be a playground for your wildest dreams and a place you can roam freely without caution and worry. Realise that you are a still that beautiful, innocent, rare, courageous, loved and amazing little girl, who still to this day, deserves your undivided attention. 


1. Take the time to write a letter to your younger self. What advice would you give to that little girl? 

In the comments below, share a photo of you as a little girl and one piece of advice you would give to her?

I can’t wait to read your beautiful words.

Lots of Love

Anna-Nicole xx

This is me as a little girl. Creative as always and an eternal optimist.

A little girl with big dreams who deserves the world. 

( And funnily enough, I’m still wearing the same haircut x)


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2 thoughts on “Don’t forget you were once a little girl with big dreams…”

  1. I would tell myself to keep it up and continue inspiring the grown up me. I continuously draw strength from her and who she was and I would like to make her proud and make sure she is never lost or forgotten in me.

    This was inspiring. Thank you

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