Your style is authentic to you…

The clothes you wear, the jewellery you collect, the bags you accessories with, they are all a form of self expression.

Style to me is SACRED!

I can see that when someone wears clothes that are a true reflection of their soul they simply come alive. Others notice and share compliments and they seem to carry an extra special light.

So, I am writing this post to remind you to feel confident in your skin because as women we sometimes tear ourselves apart by being critical of our bodies or how we look. We need to listen to the way we are talking to ourselves and start speaking to ourselves like we would our children.

For me, I have always loved to dress up when heading out, but over the last year, I’ve felt even more confident to choose clothes that make me feel more feminine, sexy and confident. I think finding our own personal style and expressing it plays a big role in empowering our self love and worth. So don’t be afraid of wearing something that makes you feel absolutely fabulous lovelies! Embrace your divine beauty with style and know you absolutely deserve to feel amazing!

Here are some of my favourite outfits that I have loved wearing of the past months! 


This dress is a real showstopper and feels ultra feminine. It’s from Tobi and is perfect for evoking feelings of romance, femininity and power with your personal style.  Shoes are from Nine West and Bag from Mimco.


This is the perfect summer casual dress to slip on and it’s oh so comfortable. It’s from Tobi and I love the plain denim because I can accessorise it anyway I like. This time I am wearing it with my Wittner tie up flats and jewellery from Zoda to give it a Mexico feel. The Frida bag is from, you guessed it…MEXICO!!


Pretty Pastels is what I love about this dress. Feminine, Pretty and a little bit sexy. Another gorgeous dress from Tobi. As you can see, I have really fallen in love with lots of the dresses at Tobi this season, so I highly recommend checking out their online shop for really affordable styles.


This is me on the left. I felt a million dollars when I recently dressed up for the Melbourne Cup Races with my besties. This year I chose a bright and colourful dress from Popcherry (Love being a VIP member) and the colourful headpiece is from Sportsgirl. I couldn’t have asked for a better headpiece with the flowers matching perfectly. And to finish it off, I went with big and bold wine colour earrings from Lovisa. Shoes from Nine West and Bag from Mimco. Loved, loved, loved wearing this outfit!!

Hope this post is a little reminder to connect with your personal style and allow your spirit to shine through the clothes you choose to wear.

“Your style is sacred.

Love it and own every part of it.”

Lots of Love

Anna-Nicole xx


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