Understanding Your Soul Contract

Live your life in accordance to your divine mission & plan!

You miss the bus, you drive a different way to work, you fall in love and it doesn’t work out, you sit next to someone on the plane, you miss out on that job. Maybe those chance meetings or things that don’t work out, are the universe keeping us on track, making sure we stay focused on our divine mission and purpose for this life.

Before you came into this world, you signed a soul contract. You chose what you wanted to learn, the challenges you wanted to face and the relationships you were going to have in this lifetime. Everything that has happened in your life whether it be good or bad has served a purpose in helping you to live out your divine mission and purpose.

Divine Mission

Your spiritual guides will work with you throughout your life to ensure you stay on track. They show us that those chance meetings and encounters, may not be so chance, after all. Their purpose is to make sure you create the life you were destined to fulfil. They will work to help you invite certain people into your life, to propel you forward on your journey. You planned to have a soul connection with these people in your life and they are there for a reason, whether they are there to support, teach, love or challenge you.

As events unfold in our life we become more clear. You see that the world needs your ideas, talents and gifts in order to bring new research, education, love, compassion and growth to the universe as a whole. You are part of a universe that has the power to create things on the grandest scale and by living out your purpose and staying true to your divine plan, you are contributing to the evolution of humanity.

So the next time you hear, “Follow your intuition.” Pay attention! This is about you becoming aware of your souls intentions and listening to that voice that knows you so well. It is reminding you of your divine plan and keeping you accountable to it. You chose this life and your soul wants you to shine, to evolve, to create ideas and to reach your true potential. In order to achieve this, it requires challenge and heartbreak, they are almost necessary for you to fully understand and develop. When we look at hardships in this light, we feel a sense of knowing that all is as it should be. We realise there are no mistakes. At this point, you can invite acceptance into your heart and welcome new opportunities more openly, knowing you are living in accordance to your divine destiny.

“She was grateful for her spirit and the miraculous journey of life she was on. This was her life and chose it. She chose every experience, every heartbreak, every delightful moment. All she had to do was listen to her heart, spread her energy, her love and her vibrancy to others and in turn she would help them do the same.”

Exercise- Think about a time in your life where you felt challenged and experienced divine intervention, in order to get you back on to your true path to fulfilling your divine purpose?

Would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Anna-Nicole xx

Special Note-  A movie I love which highlights this message perfectly is the Adjustment Bureau. A must watch!

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