Your Decisions Create Your Destiny


Don’t you hate feeling in limbo?

You don’t know what direction to take?

You become stuck and almost paralysed to make a decision.

I’ve been there and it’s such an awful feeling.

I’m a librian so my whole life has been one decision making debacle after another. I am getting better with age but still some decisions are just not that easy to make. I totally get it! Sometimes I can make a decision without a second thought but other times I literally weigh up the pros and cons of every possible scenario. It can become so debilitating and lead to deep worry and anxiety and no one deserves to live like that. 

So today, I want to talk about how we can all move away from that stuck in a rut feeling and start becoming rockstar decision makers.

I heard this statement the other day and I absolutley loved it, YOUR DECISIONS CREATE YOUR DESTINY.

This is so true because when we make that decision, whatever it may be it sparks a series of events, conversations, action, goal setting and support for ourselves. We start living, we make things happen and we move past the stifling feeling of procrastination and no change.

Decisions can come in all shapes and sizes.  Decisions on starting a new business, leaving a job, deciding to travel or those heartbreaking decisions around relationships, like deciding to leave or ending a friendship because you know in your heart they are just no longer right for you. Whatever the decision may be, the best thing you can possibly do is to take a step in the direction of making it, in order to give yourself a better sense of purpose and start creating a more meaningful life. 

I know it’s easier said than done… 

Life can definitely send us in a spin from time to time but always remember the universe only gives us what we can handle. This situation is only presenting itself in order for you to grow, evolve and be the better you, you know you can be.

This has been one of the biggest decision making years for me personally and I can honestly say it has been an amazing journey. Mainly because making certain decisions forces you in someway to go, I don’t accept this in my life, I know I deserve more. And in this space we can begin to let go, invite change into our lives and have the courage to stand up for what we want. 

No decision means a blissful life waiting on the other side. Some decisions mean you and even those you love will be facing more challenges and emotional pain. Sometimes decisions are left unmade because it is simply easier to stay where we are rather than to push through the glass ceiling of the unknown. 

But unfortunately that is no reason to not make it, if it is the right thing to do for you. 

If you feel deep within your heart that the time has come to make that decision then make it and welcome everything that comes with it, whether it be joy, sadness, excitement or pain. This could be the beginning of an amazing new chapter in your life. 

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

-Nelson Mandela

So in order to become a rockstar decision maker and start creating the change you want, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself or actions you may want to do to help you along the way.

1. Will my decision see me living in my highest values?

Your highest values are the things that you can’t live without. The things you do without giving it a second thought because you love doing them so much. Values might include travelling, spending time with family and friends, being in nature or serving others. Whatever the decision is, does it align with your values or bring you closer to living a life that does?

2. Am I not making this decision in fear of what others may think?

You only have one chance at this life and unfortunately not everyone will agree with the decisions we make for ourselves. But they are not you! Making a decision actually shows others that you are choosing to put yourself first. You might be surprised how many people you inspire through your choices.

3. Take some time out to be in your own space. Silence the mind and picture yourself having made this decision. What does your body tell you? In this space your soul will be speaking to you. Listen! Notice what you feel and the thougths that come your way. Don’t push them away, allow yourself to really feel what this decision could mean for you.

4. Write it down! Sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts and worries, so I encourage you to get it all out on paper. Write down exactly what you are currently feeling. Why are you not making this decision? What scares you about making this decision? Will you regret not making this decision? I am sure you will feel 10 times better after you simply write exactly what you feel.

5. Ask for guidance. Speak to the universe or whoever it is you might pray to. Your spiritual guides and angels want to help you to fulfill your life purpose. Ask them for their guidance and help.

Who knows what will happen next? But that’s ok. New doors may open and new people may walk into your life. And that is both scary and exciting. 

All I want you to know is you hold the power to create the life you want to lead. Choose to start making it happen today!

I hope this post helps you in some way and as always feel free to share your thoughts or even ask for some advice in the comments below.

Lots of Love



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