This is the kind of love she will wait for

To fall in love with her wasn’t easy. She had walls built up over years of pain and rejection. She could be forgiven however, for her heart was pure and she had so much love to share with the right man. She just wasn’t going to hand it over so easily like she had in the past. She had learnt her lessons and she didn’t have the strength to be taken for granted anymore.

She knew what she was looking for and she loved herself enough to give herself the love she deserved.

She knew she would find the one when he didn’t turn away. When he chose to patiently wait for her to come out of her shell. That’s what he loved about her. She had a bit of mystery. The trait that pushed the others away would keep the right man guessing. He wasn’t afraid of her shyness, if anything, he was intrigued and in awe. She was a challenge and that made her even more alluring. When she would look down and away, not sure what to say, this made him want to unravel her and be the one to open her up.

She no longer wanted to convince a man to love her. To hold on to him in the hope he might one day see her for who she is. Always the trusted friend she wanted to be more this time. The man who only wanted her for her body was no longer welcome in her world. How naive of them to only see her outside beauty when her inner beauty ran much more deeper and was so much rarer.

She had decided she would prefer to walk this lifetime alone and meet him in the next than settle for a love that wasn’t a deep soul connection.

She wanted no ordinary love. And she certainly didn’t do mediocre, never had, never will. She was simply an all or nothing girl.

Her love would be the kind of love that gives you butterflies, awakens your soul and challenges your mind. Her heart knew this was the only way love would work for her.

The man she was holding out for would undress her with his eyes and pull her in deeply to the safety of his arms. He too would have his pains and fears. He had a past that was less than kind. And he wanted more this time round too. He was seeking a love that was passionate and loyal. A woman who would confidently stand by his side, who would fiercely support him and be his voice of reason.

Her heart was ready for this kind of love. She was ready to be that woman. Her heart would open for that man. He would be the one she would let in. He would know and understand her deeply and intimately. She knew she could be herself with him and that was a beautiful relief. She could unapologetically be herself and he would love her for it.

So now she waited. She waited for the universe to serve up her love story.

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